Taranoia: the Tara Flynn podcast

Taranoia – my podcast about battling my own special brand of fears and insecurities to get shit done – is NOW FINISHED.

There won’t be any new episodes. But you can still listen back here, or wherever you prefer to get your podcasts: Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.

I had some fantastic chats and interviews, usually not with people who were plugging anything, mostly people with a story to tell, a unique perspective and some Taranoia of their own.

The Patreon page is now closed, which means there’s a year’s worth of FREE content for you, if you listen weekly. But just because it’s done doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love for people to
hear it. I’m really proud of it. Thanks to every single guest, and everyone who became a patron or simply subscribed to, reviewed, or shared the show.

Word of mouth is how independent podcasts sustain themselves. In some ways, talking about them, sharing them, is almost more important than financial support. Reviewing them is what gets them to chart, and that helps others find them. Without that kind of support, it’s almost impossible to keep going. So if you love an independent podcast, you know what to do.

Delighted people enjoyed Taranoia. I loved every second. And, as I say, they’re all still there if you missed them.

Thank you for listening. 🙂