Summer updates

Hi there

Hope you’re having a great “summer” and haven’t been too cold.

I’m taking some time offline, part of it for actual holidays, but if you need me for work you can get in touch with my agents here.

I’ll still be doing my weekly columns at Headstuff or you can pick up a copy of Irish Tatler where you’ll find my monthly Talking Point.

At Body & Soul I read my Herstory piece Brigid (Not Jones’s Diary) for the Irish Times Women’s Podcast. What if the kickass goddess kept a Jones-style diary? You can listen back here. Brigid is at the start but stick around to hear some brilliant discussion afterwards.

My books You’re Grand: the Irishwoman’s Secret Guide to Life and Giving Out Yards: the Art of Complaint, Irish Style (Hachette Books Ireland) are out in paperback and have been named Best Humour Souvenir of a Trip to Ireland, Most Packable Postable Paperbacks and Ireland’s Greatest Gifts by me.

Thanks for reading. Now get back under that blanket and see you September 4th.


PS My new public Facebook page is here.