Summer 2014

Hello. Thanks for visiting the site. Myself and Danger Farm have a new satirical sketch for you: “Tits Blind” (my take on those dark dramas with a “strong” female lead). You can watch it here.

In other news, I’m finishing a book which will be published in the autumn by Hachette. Its called You’re Grand: The Irish Woman’s Secret Guide to Life. Irish women really are very wise, and I feel it’s high time we shared our wisdom with the rest of you.

If it’s live shows you’re after, here are the dates:

I’ll be on with Dublin Comedy Improv and The Cardinals, doing short form and long form improv, respectively:

Dublin Comedy Improv is Ireland’s longest running improv group, and we have a different lineup on at the International Bar every Monday at 9pm. I’ll be on with them July 21 and August 4, 11 & 25.

We’ll also be on at the Workman’s Club and making a special appearance at the Vodafone Comedy Festival. (Follow Dublin Comedy Improv  on Twitter & on Facebook for details and lineups)

The Cardinals is a brand new Chicago-style longform group and I’ll be doing some of the shows with them at the Workmans on Wednedsdays. (The Cardinals on Twitter & on Facebook.)

August 4 at the International will be a mash-up of both groups, mixing short and long form for the craic.

Hope to see you at the shows.


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