Summer 2013 – News

Hello people.

Is it sunny where you are? Hope so. Get your shorts on.

This news update is a little different in that I’d usually let you know where I’m gigging and all that. But I’m giving up gigs. No, not solo shows with songs. No, not the Improv; I’ll still be found on various stages, singing stuff and rolling around on the ground (probably) and I’m really looking forward to our first Cat Laughs in way too long. But I won’t be doing stand-up club sets anymore. I’m off to Scotland this week to headline the Stand’s Wicked Women in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and doing the Glasgow club at the weekend; as it’s one of the best comedy clubs in the world (and definitely my favourite) I can’t think of a better last set of gigs to do. Thanks to all of you who’ve booked me and been to the shows down through the years.

Instead, I’ll be writing and developing comedy ideas for radio and TV, while hoping to do a lot more acting. That’s where I came in, and it’s time to give it a bit more focus. Keep you posted here.

Meanwhile, when it feels like it’s coming out funny, you’ll find it on my YouTube channel here. Got a couple of angry ones in store. Ireland’s a bit infuriating at the moment.

Anyway, get those legs out and that lotion on. Happy summer.

T x

Next appearing with Dublin Comedy Improv at the International Bar, Wicklow St., Dublin on Mondays May 13 & 20 and June 3 & 24 (the Improv’s 21st Birthday Party). Joining the International Improv at the Sky Cat Laughs on Sat June 1 & Sun June 2. For further details, follow @dublinimprov on Twitter.

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