Repeal the 8th is cool (I’ve got the shirt to prove it)

Me and Anna Repeal shirt


I’ve been a bit down about Repeal the 8th lately. In part because it actually seems that – together, and regardless of who’s in government – we’re making some progress. If nothing else, we’re making some cumulative noise that can’t be ignored. But as we do, the anti choice idiots (sorry, that’s what these particular people are) have got louder and more vicious to match. They’re ruthless and nasty and no matter how supported you are or how few they are, it goes in somewhere.
But every time they make me want to step back, along comes something fresh. Sabina Higgins stepping forward. Someone’s personal story, told in private. Positive, creative visibility like the X-ile Project.
Just when I needed her most, Anna Cosgrave ( came to the Improv last night and gave me the shirt in the above pic. More is coming. More cool shirts, more stories, more ways of expressing our anger and hunger for change. Simply put: more of us.
“Ha!” the anti choicers will say, “did you see Tara Flynn saying abortion was “cool”? Oh what a scandal! See, I told you she ate babies!” But I didn’t say that. I said the shirts were cool. And by the way, keeping Irish women safe? Also cool. They can lash out all they want. Change is happening already.