Me and Twitter: this account is not suspended

Hi everyone

Hope you’re well. Thanks for reading this.

I left Twitter at the end of June. Not sure of the exact date, but I downloaded my history (nine years, it took a minute) and followed their procedure for deletion.

Now, I’ve done this once before, but I wasn’t done with Twitter yet, then. Within the 30-day reactivation period, I reactivated and was there until June 2018. But this time, I’ve gone way beyond the possible reactivation period because I don’t want to be there.

Since then, I’ve had a few messages saying people went looking for me there and the message reads THIS ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED, or some such.

NO. hahahah. NO.

I’ve never been in Twitter jail. I’m not in it now. I left by choice. I’m not going back. Today, I also left Facebook. I dunno, I’ve just had enough. Not only do I think we have too much access to people we don’t know, but that easy access makes them seem less real. It’s very easy to tell an avatar you think they’re shit when you deprive them of actual humanity. Of the same stresses and strains you have. The same fears. The same pain. And here’s the difference: I’m not working right now. No one is being forced to consume anything I produce. I’m not taking taxpayers’ money for anything. So telling me to go ahead and delete myself from Instagram, too, is just you taking potshots at a private citizen. Cool. Cool. I hope it made you feel better. Like I say, same pain. (I also say, fuck off.)

You can find me on Instagram while it’s still fun and less verbal than the rest of the ‘debate’ jukeboxes at @taraflynnirl.

I’m currently recording some half hour chats with myself (and soon, others) that will become a podcast called Taranoia on the Headstuff network. I want to build up a few so there’s something to listen to when it does go live. A few in a row, then ye can help me steer it how we’d all like. I’d like it to be silly and warm but with space to reflect on the odd thing – in a mad way. I’m not a political commentator. Silly’s my game. We’ll see where it lands. If you really like it, you might throw a few quid to it on Patreon. If not, you can just listen. It’s all good.

Thanks for all the support and craic lately. I’m still on the road to recovery but getting there.


Have fun, stay safe, see you soon.