June/ July 2018 news and dates

Hello. Thanks for dropping by.

June was an eventful one, with appearances at the Cat Laughs, Cork Midsummer Festival doing an event with Louise O’Neill and Blindboy’s live podcast. This week I interviewed the wonderful Marian Keyes at the Irish Writers’ Centre. Had a great post-repeal talk in London Irish Centre, where I gave a lecture (and sang) about shame. I read Molly from Ulysses for Bloomsday and wasn’t a bit scared (I was bricking it, yes I was yes). Got an invite to the Pres’s Res for a celebration of a hundred years of suffrage and got to pet his dogs. That was a very cool, hot day at the Áras.

July’s Irish Tatler is out, with a piece about my cool, minimalist summer look. (*cough*)

I did this interview for the Irish Examiner. Thanks to Ciara McDonnell for asking me to chat.

My new book, Rage-In, launched in Dublin and in Cork and there were other interviews to go along with that. It hit the Irish non-fiction bestsellers list. Thanks to everyone who came and to every single person who bought a copy. It’s thankfully had nice reviews in both the Irish Times and Irish Independent.

I’m now going to take a few weeks for a bit private time. But, BUT, only a bit. I’ll be back onstage July 29th for Vodafone Comedy Festival, MCing a great lineup of acts. Come! Book here.

So, see you soon. Have a great July. Wear lots of sunscreen and drink lots of water. Maybe put on a hat if you like hats.