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Tara Flynn is an Irish actress & writer. She's Ireland's leading female voice artiste, an improviser, columnist, and you may have seen her on Irish & UK TV in the likes of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, The Omid Djalili Show, Thank God You're Here, The Impressions Show, or more recently in The Mario Rosenstock Show and Irish Pictorial Weekly.

Tara is NOT the flame-haired fictional character OR the 80s porn star of the same name.

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Tara Flynn: Press Reviews

"Deserves to be a far bigger star than she already is..."
One4Review ****

"...jarringly surreal and inventively silly. It’s the Boosh-like oddity that clinches it."
Andrew Collins

"Delightful set of musical comedy…wonderfully twisted…had her audience in stitches...well worth seeing"

"Well written and funny… very entertaining"
Australian Comedy Review

"Reminds me of NYC Antifolker Phoebe Kreutz - both play ‘funny songs’ but through the sub-text and performance style reveal a vulnerability and open-approach to life that elevates their work and makes what they do as valid as so-called ‘regular songs’. Smart, funny and a real treat!"

"...refreshingly testosterone-free comedy zone that still has balls..."
The Stage

"You could listen to the lovely Ms Flynn all night"

"Impossible to dislike"
Glasgow Herald

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January 6th, 2011

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December 29th, 2014

Hello. Thanks for stopping by Here are some dates and info for the first bit of 2015.

In January I’ll be doing Dublin Comedy Improv on Monday January 5th & 12th. International Bar, 9pm, €5 at door.

My first book You’re Grand: the Irishwoman’s Secret Guide to Life (published by Hachette Books Ireland is now on sale. Here’s an excerpt from one of my favourite sections: “Women Aren’t Funny”:


You probably thought that laughter came from the brain, from what made up experts call the “Humour Centre.” WRONG. Funny doesn’t come from there. It comes from the penis.  All laughter springs fully formed from the penis of a man for the hilarity and enjoyment of other humans.

It’s useless to try to fight the preconception that women aren’t funny, or point out that it’s insulting and inaccurate. And massively sexist. But so many journalists continue to bring it up that it seems we’ve been wrong: it is very relevant. It is current and pressing. The “unfunny women chestnut”, instead of being dull, unimaginative,lazy journalism is in fact the vital probing of an ancient mystery. The bottom line being that women should stay home, knowing their place and laughing at what comes out of their partner’s penis. 

All good bookshops. Press and details here.

Catch you soon.


You’re Grand: The Irish Woman’s Secret Guide to Life – press

December 2nd, 2014

My first book You’re Grand: the Irishwoman’s Secret Guide to Life is now available in hardback in all good Irish bookshops. Further afield, it’s available as an ebook. It’s funny. It’s filled with lots of recognition for Irish women with a satirical look at Irish life and history, alongside insight into our secrets, for everyone else.

“Other life guides will tell you you can manifest all your desires, Well, Irish women know that you can’t. But whether things turn out good or bad (probably bad) what Irish women know is that we’ll be grand.”

Here’s some of the press about it. Why not have a watch/ listen/ read and see if you could handle Grand wisdom yourself?

Audio: Irish Times interview with Róisín Ingle

Audio: Dave Fanning Show interview, 2FM.

10 Ways to Be Grand: the Irish Woman’s Guide as featured in Irish Times


Autumn 2014

September 1st, 2014

My first book You’re Grand: The Irish Woman’s Secret Guide to Life is in shops now. It’s a comedy life guide from Irish women to the rest of the world, whether they’re women, Irish or not. Other life guides like The Secret will tell you that you can manifest whatever you want. Well, Irish women know you that you can’t.

Irish women would never be so foolhardy as to trust in a good outcome in the first place.  We know that it actually doesn’t matter whether things turn out good or bad (most likely bad): either way we’ll be Grand. If you’re outside Ireland or your local bookshop isn’t stocking it, you can order  You’re Grand here .

I’ll be doing a signing at Stonehouse Books in Kilkenny at 2pm on November 1st, and You’re Grand has been invited to the Chortle Comedy Book Festival in London on November 13 at the London Irish Centre.


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